[x-type] Want to swap that 2.5L to a 3.0L? here is some help!its easy!

Ive done it about a month ago and posted some info on
another jag forum… but here is some help if you want to do it:

First off it is very easy!! you do not need to change the

Find a 3.0L , if you want to spend thousands of dollars look
for a jaguar x-type 3.0L, but if you are just like me and
have little cash to spend look for a '03-up FORD LINCOLN LS
3.0L complete engine.( I got mine from Eb@y and paid $100
for a complete Block with super low miles & a extra $100 to
ship )

Keep your old engine until your completely done with the
swap because you will need a few items from it.

Items Needed from old engine:

keep your old wire harness
Oil Pan
Oil Pick-up
the camshaft that controls the water pump
water pump
oil filter mount
a/c braket
Left Head Valve cover
fly wheel
Exhaust Manifolds
Harmonic Balancer
fuel rail
front timing cover
Center Block water outlets/Inlets

thats about it.

Helpful info:
all four Camshafts on the Lincoln engine had same part #'s
Stamped on it as my Jaguar engine.

Sensors( Crank, Cams ) are a Match in #'s

VVT the same

The Lincoln LS 3.0L is a total match with just a few parts
thats different , just keep in mind that the Lincoln engine
was not mounted sidewards as in the Jaguar.

'‘MY’'original post with pictures are posted on :
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I also did this from the top ( with a engine crane ) dont
let anyone tell you that you have to drop the whole front
end to replace the engine this is BS, I’ve done it from the
top and I have many many picture to show… its a tight fit
but it can be done.–
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I’m highly considering swapping my 3.0 automatic 2006 xtype engine into a 2.5l manual 2002 xtype, would the transmissions be compatible? I can’t seem to find the answer anywhere