[x300] 2001 XJR Brembo "R" brakes upgrade

I just finished upgrading my 01 XJR to the Brembo option and wanted
to share with you the process and cost.

Keep in mind that the Brembo will not fit under the regular ( Penta
or Asteroid ) 18’’ wheels and consequently I also had to upgrade to
the silver 18’’ Milan wheels

Jaguar say that the Brembo calipers require some special
hubs/knuckle but this is not true.
There are 2 types of Brembo calipers, up to 02 and 03 forward (
same calipers on XJR and XKR), the earlier type ( I got a full set
of 01 Siverstone specs calipers) have a an adaptor/bracket between
the caliper and knuckle but the later type have ears and bolt
directly to the knuckle.

On the rear no modification of the knuckle is required with either
type of calipers but for the front if using the later type, the
mounting holes on the knuckle need to be tapped.
Since I used the earlier type, no modification was needed

Dust shield:
Due to the larger diameter rotors, the Brembo use some specific
On the front since those shields are on backorder, I decided to run
the car without it( I don’t see any problem with that, My Viper
came from the factory without any disk shields)
For the back, due to the amount of time to R&R the shields, I
simply slightly modified them by cutting some of the lip.

Jaguar price on them are insane but Eurospare has recentry started
to manufacture both front and rear rotors/disks

Braided brake lines:
Once again Jaguar prices are insane (especially for the XJ) so I
bought a Goodridge kit designed specifically for the Brembo XKR.
The rear was perfect ( XJR and XKR ) must use the same hoses but
the front lines were a little too long.
I just had Goodridge make a front set to my specification

Milan Wheels:
I got a set of refurbished from Coventry West but had a small
issue,they were described as ‘‘refurbished to as new cosmetic
condition’’ but when I received them, they all were missing the
stainless trim ring.
I was able to find a souce for them, SB Wheels and Steve the owner
was a great guy to deal with, he sent me instructions and shipped
them from the UK, next day air for a very, very fair price.
When made aware of the issue of the missingt trim rings, Coventry
West was more than fair and paid 1/2 the cost of the trims and
shipping without any problem.
In my book that make them a great company to do business with.

Mounting the trims mean that I had to take the 2 pieces wheels
apart, no big deal but time consuming due to the number of bolts.


4 Jaguar Silverstone/Brembo calipers : $600 including shipping and
Braided brake lines :$150
4 Rotors/disks; $450
Milan wheels and new trim rings: $1,900

Total cost: $3,100

Beside the visual impact, the 2 mains benefit of the Brembo brakes
are a lot les soft/spongy brake pedal (the braided lines are
certainly partly responsible for it) and a a fade-free braking in
all type of driving.

Luc 01 XJR ‘‘R’’–
luc noel
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