X300 3.2 auto: gear selector cable

Unfortunately the gear selector cable on my 1995 X300 3.2 has worn to the extent that I cannot shift out of drive. It could be worse, it could have stuck in Park Neutral or Reverse! Anyway, I am looking for a replacement but they seem to be rarer than hen’s teeth. Does anyone know of a reputable spares dealer we can try? I have looked at SNG Barratt and Dave Manners and my engineer has also tried a couple (I don’t know the names) but we have all drawn a blank. According to Barratts, the part number is MNA4830EA. Alternatively, is it possible to repair the cable or use one from another model? The 4.0 litre cable seems to be available. Any helpful tips and suggestions will be very much appreciated.

Thanks, Jon

If you don’t mind “good used”, you might give the XJ8/XK8 parts guy in Wills Point (TX) a try … He has over 2,000 of those parts at his biz, and in the event he doesn’t have one specifically for X-300 perhaps one of the XJ8s would work in its place? :confused: I would check the part # for both against each other on the Classicjaguar.com parts website and see if they match up, first. :+1:

Not being familiar with the 3.2 but I wonder if your car is fitted with the 4HP22 instead of the 4HP24 like the 4.0 car?

Maybe the XJ40 (3.6 liter) shift cable would fit/adapt if that is the case?
The 3.6 used the 4HP22.

Atty, Motorcarman, thank you for your replies, apologies for not coming back sooner, but I have been travelling - not in the car obviously! I am based in the UK so

I have now had the opportunity of discussing the problem with the engineers and it appears there is a plastic (nylon?) clip on the end of the cable with a ball socket that clips over the ball on the gear selector arm on the gearbox. This part has worn to the extent that it is no longer secure on the arm and so disconnects. We have the part on order from a seller on Ebay and hopefully it will arrive soon. I am also investigating whether we can modify the current clip so that it does not come off. More news to follow!