X300 air intake

Purchase my first jaguar 1996 vandenplas 4L. Saw a black plastic pipe hanging down on the front r h of the engine compartment. It’s not connected to anything at either end. Looks like it might connect to the grill. There is a hose or wire can’t see exactly what it is
That’s attached to it. A) what is it for
B) is it necessary or can it be removed completely. Also does anyone know where I can purchase a 1996 jaguar 4L repair manual. Please bare with me as I will have lots of question as I go through the experience of owning this car

Hi Frank, welcome to the forums.
If you can take a photo and attach it here using the up arrow we might be able to identify the item in question.
E manuals on line are a good source for late model cars.

Cooling duct for the front brake rotors?