X300 bunch of electronics not working

Hello fellow Jaguar lovers!
Just had my jaguar (x300 95 3.2 EU version) repainted and after it came back from shop bunch of electronics had stoped working, including;

  1. trunk does not open with button on it, but work with button from dashboard.
  2. blinkers are working but super fast
  3. dash board show 0 mpg current and 0 mpg average
  4. screen washer fluid sprayer

I hoped that while stripping or putting back together the car there might be some connection or plug not put in proper place which might cause these problems.

That is most likely a broken wire in the wiring loom that goes into the trunk lid. Mine is intermittent and I need to change the broken wire.

Do all the indicators work, just too fast? Usually they are too fast when one of the bulbs does not work

Did hard reset and trunk button started working.
Blinkers worked in begining slowly when hazard light button was on, but when pressed blinkers they again started working double speed. All turning bulbs are ok and working.
After spending hours on this forum I have guess that it might be body processing module at fault. Is there any way to check it without ordering new unit ?

Where are you located? Maybe someone close to you can help out with a spare body processor module for tests.

Disconnect the battery and take the body computer out from behind the glove box. Unscrew lots of little screws and look for broken solder joints on the two earth screws in the computer.One day I will put flexible wires on those screws.

If you are making a causal connection here why not go back to the paint shop and see what they have to say?


Front bumper indicators have 2 bulbs per side.
Check both are working.