X300 driver's power seat memory and lumbar support problems

My wonderful 1997 X300 Daimler Six with memory function on the driver’s power seat works mostly as it should. I only have two problems for the time being.

  1. When removing the key from the transmission, the seat moves back to allow me to exit the car. However, when inserting the key for the next drive the seat does not move forward again. Memory functions for mirrors and steering wheel works perfectly. So why does the seat not move forward to its memory position? Using the seat control buttons, the seat moves freely in all directions.
  2. The lumbar support inflates as it should, but it quickly looses pressure and deflates. I suspect a leak. How difficult a repair is this?
    These are minor issues indeed and I can certainly live with them if need to. Also, my ability to diagnose and repair electrical issues is limited to say the least. But maybe experts on this forum know of similar issues and solutions?
    Best Regards,

I had all these when new…
They are WONDERFUL CARS , but now almost 25 years old!
Yes timeless, classy and VERY well built.
But Back in the day when new, I used to set my seat and TURN THE KNOB OFF on the column .
It was very touchy back then ,time after time. You could change the relays and yes the seat bags could just be leaking.
Set your drivers position they turn off the feature, you will be better off.
Some early 95 I think had connection issues under the seat with wire length and connectors getting dirty, but not on yours.
Just preset and enjoy the ride!
Lumbar is another kettle of fish!

I seam to recall if you remove the plastic cover in the rear of the seat you can see the lumber support pipes and look for a leak.

Do you have electric steering wheel ? Does this move down when the seat should move ?

The electric wheel should be in line with the seats…
Theres a little black turn off knob on the column

That is one job I definitely tried to avoid when I worked at the dealer.
The Jaguar warranty did not pay enough and the customers did NOT want to pay $1500.00 for just the parts plus the labor was 5 hours.

There are 5 position sensors and they should all be replaced at the same time but most people cannot afford the total cost. (the sensors are $300.00 EACH)

Labor is about 5 hours to disassemble the seat and reinstall/calibrate the system.

Here are some TSBs for you to decide how far down the ‘rabbit-hole’ you want to go.

TSB 15-50 is the one that will guide you through diagnosis and repair.

15-21 Seat Memory Functions – Inoperative.pdf (20.8 KB)
15-23 Power Seat Fuses – Blow.pdf (15.3 KB)
15-50 Front Seat Memory – Potentiometers.pdf (69.4 KB)

Motorcarman…THANKS for the TSBs! On my 97 XJ6, the memory light will come on, and I do hear the “chirp” confirming the memory has been programmed, but the seat does nothing when pressing 1, 2 or 3! The mirrors and steering wheel do remember the memory setting! In reading your TSBs, I do not think all the sensors could be broken as none of them “set”?

On my 95 XJ6, the memory is fine! It has 132k whereas the 97 has only 32k. Go figure!



Thank you for your swift advice. I may just chose to live with these minor issues. However, I do like that the seat and wheel retracts when I need to try and make a graceful exit from the car. Would be nice if the seat would return to the driving position. Nice to - not need to.

Thanks Andy,
I’ll have a look at the back of the seat.
My electric steering wheel retracts and extends perfectly. I like the feature.

Love your story from working at the dealer and thank you very much for the TSBs. Looks quite complicated and expensive to have done for you. I’ll have a good read and decide, how far down the rabbit-hole I dare to venture.

This is a common problem on the X308, too. There, the advice is to disconnect both terminals from the battery - find your radio code first, though! - and then touch the two cable ends together for 30 seconds or so. This is meant to discharge all stored configurations. If that fails, try moving the seat all the way back, then all the way forward. Then move the squab all the way back then all the way forward. If that fails, get your rabbit-chasing hound!

Please let me know what happens. I have EXACTLY the same symptoms as you.

I plan to go through the diagnostic process when the weather is warmer.

I suspect a seat memory module since it does register the memory but just doesn’t seem able to recall it…