[x300] Please pour cold water on me...I think I want to buy a n XJR


XJR suspension is set up stiffer, but the same basic arrangement - some
markets the cars are lowered relative to the standard models as well. Only
wear point tends to be front bushes - no big deal.

The supercharger is fundamentally reliable, with the only reported problems
being a failed idler pulley, again cheap and easy to fix.

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Subject: [x300] Please pour cold water on me…I think I want
to buy an

So some cold, hard facts are in order…
I’m considering a 1998 XJR with low mileage and Select
Edition Warranty.
I’d welcome any feedback from XJR owners. I’m specifically looking for
comments or experiences about:
Nikasil cylinder liners - engine problems in certain situations (also
thought I remembered a “silent” Jag warranty)
Wood trim on '98 XJRs - in most pictures it looks “green” to
me - this car
has a light interior - do they all have the maple trim?
Issues with suspension versus XJ8? Is it different?
I understand the supercharger is Eaton - reliability?
Any other ways in which the XJR is “special”?
Dave Fobart
96 XJ6 in black - with a mere 240 horses
Atlanta, GA