X300 Remote Locking


I’m having issues with remote fob locking / unlocking my 1997 x300. It works but needs to be pressed numerous times.
Changed batteries, tried other fob.
Where does the cable from the rear screen antenna connect to.
Does in connect to the SLM inside the rear wing?
Want to check connection is secure.


[quote=“tricky7272, post:1, topic:399495”]
needs to be pressed numerous times
[/quote]I’d bet my last pound that all you need to do (for now) is clean the contacts. Break open the fob, lift off the rubber pad and clean the contact points underneath and the circuit board with an alcohol cleaner. Both will be thick with carbon crud.

If you’re in the UK, a better, more permanent fix is to have fingazfobz (Google him) replace the contacts with microswitches. I’ve had 4 sets of fobs done.

My understanding was the remote’s receiver was in the driver’s door.

What exaclty are you expecting from the remote? There are several options.

As I recal from my 1997 x300 (sold in 2013):

  • Unlocking the driver’s door was 1 unock press. The rest of the car required a second press within 1 second.
  • Securing the windows and sunroof required multiple pressing of the lock button on the remote.

As JagFab mentioned, the underside of the rubber buttons can become crud-filled or worn. See how the spare fob performs. If you don’t have a spare, buy it now.

The issue is that on occasion the remote works on a single press but on others you have press the button many times to get a response. Tried cleaning with switch cleaner, new batteries and a different fob but no luck.
Lights on the fob always work.
I was wondering about the antenna connection but don’t where in connects.
The connection on the rear screen in tight and clean.

Distance to the ACTUAL receiver is often critical. As I mentioned, the remote does not have an external antenna. My belief is that the receiver and its internal antenna were in the area of the driver’s door.

Walk around the car in ever-enlarging circles to see where great and awful responses are.

Also, local RF interference can cause a host of issues. Some spread-spectrum WiFi use close frequencies to car remotes. Try and remember the parking places where the remote worked well and where it was balky.

My favorite bookstore’s new anti-theft system makes the remote on my current daily driver only good to 6 feet from the car. At home, it’ll work at 20 feet and more.

Hi the x300 has the security antenna in the rear screen.
I’ve just given another blast with switch cleaner and better but it’s not right.
I’ll have the internal switches replaced as suggested by jagfab.
I’ll get there eventually :slightly_smiling_face: