[x300] should Jaguars go "woof"

Oh dear have I bought a pup?
Further to my recent post regarding the knocking noises coming from
the rear of my 1995 X300 3.2 saloon. I have got the car on blocks
and the wheels have an alarming amount of movement top to bottom. I
have put a clip on youtube, bless 'em, and I can see some movement
where the driveshaft enters the diff. Obviously this is amplified
at the top of the tyre. I presume, possibly misguidedly, that there
is a slight amount of movement here. There also looks to be
movement in the universal joint.
You can hear the noise though and I’m just wondering, maybe soon
wandering, if I have serious problems? I can put more pics and
movies up if there is anything else I should be looking for.
Thanks for looking and in advance for advice. I know you’re a
knowedgeable lot.
Neil (Cornwall UK)

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