X300; solving disfunctional central locking system / stuck in 'P' / no start engine in one go


In the past, the rear side lights would blink when I opened and closed my X300 Jaguar Executive XJ (1997) using the key.

However, since the cold winter, there have been some battery issues. Now it seems that because of this, both the side lights no longer signal when opening/closing the car. The starter motor also no longer receives an electric signal to start, and the gear shift is now stuck in ‘P’. Additionally, the central locking system is not working anymore.

I have since charged the battery and also tried a different battery. But this does not seem to solve the issue.

Does anyone have advice on what next step I can take?

Have you replaced the battery in the remote as well? There is a sequence of events that you can perform to re-sync the remote(s) to the car have you tried that?

Yes, I just replaced it as well. I did not know about re-syncing the remotes but will research, thank you!

My x300 did the same thing - think it is related to the BPU module… looking for a replacement or someone who knows how to program them at the moment will let you know if I resolve the issue.


Thank you Don, where I can find the BPU situated in the car?

I just took out the security ECU programmable part, but that seems undamaged (will need to check however)