[x300] What a laugh,changing steering wheel

Hi guys, before the laugh, thanks for the info on changing steering
wheel, a straightforward operation though I found it much easier to
take the bottom cowl off the ignition switch(2 screws) before
taking the 2 torx screws out. Anyway, here’s the laugh, having read
all the posts on taking steering wheel off, disconnect
battery,don’t lock boot!!!, leave a while, remember to make sure
everything is connected back up before reconnecting battery etc…
and the killer punch…all the talk about capacitance!!! I was
thinking whether all this stress was worth it just to have a 1/2
wood steering wheel? YES it is gorgeous,go for it, left battery off
for 4 hours!! covered all interior of car with dust sheets(just in
case) covered air bag centre with heavy duty underlay and ‘‘fumbled
about’’ with my eyes wide shut until ‘‘click’’ the connector separated
without any drama! Had a quick look round to make sure nobody was
looking, smiled to myself:-) and put the new wheel on in 5 mins,
looks fantastic! Another success by a newbie–
manchester, United Kingdom
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