[x300] X350 Gearbox adaption

My X350 had been stood for a while before I bought it. I got a few
sudden clunks and bangs when the 'box changed down a gear and
later, a trouble code for ‘Gear Shift 3-4’ once or twice.

I thought this may be an adaption (or lack of) problem but didn’t
get around to searching the site for info. although I have seen it
mentioned before. However, I do know a man that drives brand new
350’s off the Castle Bromwich line to adapt their gearboxes so I
got the procedure. I thought it might help others so here goes;

With engine warm, choose a nice straight(ish) and relatively
traffic free road with no lights etc. (finding that is the hard
part!). Pull away in a restrained manner and allow the 'box to
change all the way up to 6th but DO NOT allow Erpm to rise above
1500. Maintain whatever speed that produces for at least one
minute, still not exceeding 1500 Erpm and then brake gently to come
to a complete halt. With luck your gearbox will be re-adapted.

Seems to have worked for me, no more clunks or bangs and no more
trouble codes either.–
Jags on gas
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