[x300] XJ8 Rough Idle When Cold

My XJ8 3.2 will missfire every now and then when cold. It does it
more when it is in neutral. When in drive (with brake on) it does
not seem to do it as much. Does anybody have any suggestions? It
used to do this with my old engine as well.

1998 XJ8 3.2 Sport with new engine
Huddersfield, United Kingdom
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In reply to a message from Alan E sent Wed 1 Feb 2006:

if its a missfire, the comp will pick it up and put the mil on.
then you can scan it and find out what. if you dont have mil on, it
can only be mechanical or fuel related. nothing electronic. pajtas–
jaguarjoe 54 XK 120 rdstr 1961 MKIX 94 XJ6
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