X308 2001 Battery discharge

Hello Folks,
I have battery drain while parked and have found that there is a 0.4 amp drain with everything switched off. I suspected the bleeper so disconnected the plug from the horns which effected an improvement from 0.8 amp but something else is draining. Would appreciate some suggestions of where/how to check from anyone who has had this problem. Thanx in anticipation. Charlie.

You need to do a drain down test.
Disconnect the neg battery lead and place a DMV in series with it.
Snip the boot latch to fool the computer into thinking the boot is closed.
Wait for a few minutes to let the computers to go to ‘sleep’
When the reading has stabilised start pulling fuses and see if there is one that changes the draw.

The X308 takes about 20 mins to ‘go-to-sleep’.(about 30 milliamps)

Pulling certain fuses will ‘wake-the-car-up’ and the module shutdown sequence will have to be started all over again.

I usually OPEN ALL DOORS and BOOT LID with all the latches set to SHUT so I have access to the car but the car thinks it is closed.

Keep an AMMETER on the battery to watch for changes.

Good luck!

Thanx for the advice. Wilco. Rgds.

Thanx for the advice. Will hopefully get there eventually. Rgds.

2 tips from me.

  1. Alternative is to put your meter on mili volts e.g 200mV and then measure the voltage across all the fuses on the metal exposed on the top.
    If you get a voltage reading current is flowing in that circuit. But you should continue to check all fuses in that fusebox.

There are also tables online to convert the voltage reading into a current. (fuse type and rating dependent).

  1. Maybe a current clamp to put around cables. This may help tell you which fusebox is the cicuit with the issue. Get a DC current clamp

Thanx for that sounds like a good troubleshooting method. I do have a clamp ammeter so wilco.