X308 LH Cam Sensor

Would a more experienced XJR (X308) owner advise how to replace the LH timing cam sensor? V12 motor - no problem. This Supercharged V-8, another whole story!!! Ha Ha In advance, thanks for your help. Pictures would also be most appreciated.

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If you have an intermittent or occasional failure, then check the cam cover bolt by the sensor.
It needs to be a different material to not cause issues to the sensor. If you look at the bolt head the by the sensor, it should have different numbers to the others.

Thanks Andy,

My problem is I can’t find the sensor!!! That’s why a picture would be wonderful! I think I may be facing multiple failures. First the cam sensor and secondly, very slow cranking so I suspect the starter may require some attention.
The car started fine, ran for about 3 to 5 seconds then quit! Subsequent start attempts resulted in (a) slow motor cranking and (b) no start. Fuel pumps (both) were replaced less than 10,000 miles ago. When the motor does turn over the tach comes off the peg so I believe the crank sensor is OK.
I’m open to any other thoughts or suggestions. I appreciate the help.

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You can see the sensor, but changing it is another matter!
At the rear top of the engine is a 2 pin plug, That may help locate

If you stand at the side of the engine looking at the cam cover bolts.
Look at the top bolt, as the rear. Then look towards the middle of the V. You should be able to see the sensor.

To change it, I think you remove the throttle body, and then other items!

I would look for the reason for the slow crank, before I even think about changing the sensor!

Hummmm… I didn’t think this was going to be a EASY fix!!! Ha Ha

Thanks for the info. I’ll get started, seeing what I may uncover.

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If your car is an early one, an AJ26, then there’s only 1 cam sensor on the right head.

I’m pretty sure…

Hi Robert,
Just found the Jaguar 870A training manual, complete with AJ26 and AJ27 illustrations. Looking from above the engine (facing forward) the AJ26 cam sensor is in the LH rear. Probably will have to remove components to access it!!! Oh Well.
My original motor suffered from a coolant leak, resulting in overheating. I purchased a 2000 X308 motor with tranny, only 30,000 original miles. I then had to convert the AJ27 to AJ26 specs for the ECM to work.
I’m an old dinosaur so all this computer controlled stuff just confuses me!!! LOL
One day the car started, ran for about 5 seconds then quit! Fuel pumps were replaced less than 10,000 miles ago plus I tested the fuel rail for pressure-- Ok. Then the motor started cranking very slowly. I think I may have multiple problems so first must confirm there is spark. My suspicion is the cam sensor. I have a new one in case I’m right!!! Ha Ha Just have to find where it’s located!!!
Thanks for your assistance.
To AndyK: I’ll definitely check the bolt but the car was running for a long time before this non-start issue came up.

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Some cars will run with a faulty cam sensor. I don’t know if your Jag is one of them.

I would go back to basics.
Have you got lots of fuel at the fuel rail, and have you got a spark.

But I would start with, why it is turning over slowly. This is old school stuff

Hi Andy,
Thanks for the input. Basics is all I do, not too adept with the new computer controlled everything. When I find time I’ll sort it out. Again, Thanks.

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