X308 Only dribble coming out of windscreen washer

What could be the likely cause? Can’t believe all 6 jets are blocked unless some crud has entered the nozzle. Is there a filter on the outlet in the water bottle that might be blocked, and if so might draining it using tube and syphoning, filling with plain water and repeating.
Guess first step is removing tube to nozzle and seeing it water spurts out of that.
Just wondered if it’s a common problem although I’ve never had this before in 15 years.

Yep I have had that happen on my XJR, fairly sure it was crud in the pipes (a fair while ago now)
Try disconnecting the feed line prior to the jets and turn them on.

Well it was sitting with windscreen washer fluid in there for 4 months.

Cannot be sure and car is 1300 miles away but i seem to recall an inline filter on the firewall that was plugged on my car, was able to clean it or remove i forget now. My car a 1995 XJ6