X308 Only dribble coming out of windscreen washer

What could be the likely cause? Can’t believe all 6 jets are blocked unless some crud has entered the nozzle. Is there a filter on the outlet in the water bottle that might be blocked, and if so might draining it using tube and syphoning, filling with plain water and repeating.
Guess first step is removing tube to nozzle and seeing it water spurts out of that.
Just wondered if it’s a common problem although I’ve never had this before in 15 years.

Yep I have had that happen on my XJR, fairly sure it was crud in the pipes (a fair while ago now)
Try disconnecting the feed line prior to the jets and turn them on.

Well it was sitting with windscreen washer fluid in there for 4 months.

Cannot be sure and car is 1300 miles away but i seem to recall an inline filter on the firewall that was plugged on my car, was able to clean it or remove i forget now. My car a 1995 XJ6

Update: Removed pipe attached to jet, and no water came out. (Can hear pump working) Had a fine bore tube so used that to syphon water out of tank. As well as water a lot of crud came out as well, and when virtually empty looked in and saw it had sludge in the bottom. I’ve ordered a bigger bore pipe and plan to flush out tank with warm water and washing up liquid, stir, drain, repeat until clean. In the meantime I filled with clean water again, but nothing still coming out at all. I’m hoping it’s because there is still sludge in the bottom, and cleaning out completely with fix it. My concern is sludge has entered the pipes blocking them completely. I tried blowing down the pipe at the jet, but couldn’t and wonder whether it’s because of the one-way valve. I haven’t got an air supply so was thinking of working out how to connect a foot pump to pipe, but not sure whether that still won’t work due to valve, and I could damage it.
Any thoughts, suggestions or tips please?

As i recall there is an inline filter on the bulkhead , right side, follow the line you will see it. The pump is a push in fit with o ring. Pull it out then you can flush out the bottom with a hose. There is a splash guard underneath , remove that to get access to the pump. Thats all i know

That’s definitely for the X308, not the XK? How do I access the line? And how best to access the pump? Do I need to remove bumper or the wheel arch liner, or just a couple of clips to bend it out of the way?

Doesn’t appear to have a filter in this schematic:

Been awhile since i worked on mine, my car is 1995 XJ6. I guess your car is different, sorry i should have made sure your x300 was same as mine. So nothing i said may apply to your car. I only took off a shield on the bottom to access the pump and i did have an inline filter. Again my apology.

Update: I’ve fixed it! For the benefit of others who may have same problem: After removing the windscreen wiper, and the 5 screws I removed the plastic panel to gain access to the pipe. I removed the pipe from the elbow, then the small one way valve. Tried the washer again and water came out of the pipe, so likely the valve was blocked. You can see the small ball in it. I could push the ball, but couldn’t blow down it. Took it inside, pushed ball in and blew down it the wrong way. Some crap came out. Then flushed it using a syringe. More crap came out. Kept flushing until clear. Took it back to car, ran washer into bottle, as likely to be crap in pipes and didn’t want to risk blocking it again. Sure enough crap came out so kept using washer until clear. Refitted one way valve. Sure enough it now works again. Phew! So glad I was able to fix it myself rather than having to pay a garage a few hours labour, and also glad it was that and not something blocked at the reservoir end so didn’t have to remove wheel, liner etc!


Great news,good to hear of success😊