X350 door access

My 97 XJ6 is getting a bit long in the tooth, and the sum total of the repairs to make it presentable, is getting past reasonable upkeep. Long story short, I’m shopping, and am wondering if the later X350 aluminum bodies have a bigger front door opening. I’m a big person, and somewhat restricted in range of motion on my legs. To exit the X300, the drivers door must be open to its maximum swing, and then lifting the inside of my left knee I can just slide it past the kick panel. The carpet wear near the door will attest to how close the clearances are. So I’m curious if the X350 redesign opened that dimension up a bit. a couple of inches would be more than enough. I’m also considering the X351, that in photos looks bigger. I may have to just go try on a few, but was hoping the knowledgeable folks here could steer me in the right direction.