X350 headlights

My headlights are starting to get ‘foggy’ across the top outside edge, about an inch or so. This is happening across all 4 units. This area doesn’t feel smooth like the rest of the clear areas. Is there something I can use to eliminate this?

The grandsons Mazda had foggy headlights and SWMBO Mazda had the passengers side one going the same way.
I have an electric powered polisher and he just used that with some metal polish compound on the mop.
They came up nicely.
If yours are too far gone as you mention they feel rough then you could look at upgrading to the X308 headlights.

Thank you for that suggestion.
Aren’t the X308 headlights all 5 3/4"? If so, they wouldn’t fit the outer X350 units which were made to ‘replicate’ the original S1 Euro design with 7" units.

Sorry miss read the heading and didn’t pick up on the X350. Disregard the ref to X308 headlights.