X350 Super V8 Portfolio

Hello all,
After a couple of years I’m back in Jaguar World (not the magazine, the real world). Due to circumstances beyond my control I was forced to sell my E-Type and XK140 projects two, three years ago. But the hardships are now over, early this morning I boarded a train to southern Germany to collect this little kitten. It’s now nearly midnight and I’m halfway back on my return trip staying the night at a hotel room in the wonderful town of Karlsruhe.
I drove her for two hours today, a bit of highways and some Autobahn as well. Some work will definitely be needed as the a/c doesn’t work correctly and she vibrates like hell around 140km/h. I’m hoping that this is only due to the tyres being in bad shape as the car had been left standing for the last few years

I’m hoping to post more as work progresses. This will be a rolling restoration.
Chris, in Germany

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Congratulations, Chris. She looks awesome! I wish you many many happy and safe miles (or Kilometers) in her. It looks like the previous owner has fitted larger wheel rims and lower profile tyres. Not what I would advise, as the ride can never be as good as Jaguar intended, but each to his own. Will you keep it like that?

thanks for tuning in. Mine is an XJ Portfolio and as far as I know these large wheels were original on them. I’ll certainly leave them on for now, as imho they really look cool.