XF; 2.7 litre diesel DSC issues

A warning regarding DPF has intermittently been shown in the display but yesterday the message said:
DPF Not available

Does anyone know the procedure to “clean” the DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter)? I thought it more or less was supposed to clean itself by driving a ‘longer’ trip with a bit more RPM.

And what about the Not available-message? The car went into limp home mode…

Kind regards,
Bard Thomas

Sorry, the problem was slightly misreported to me; the unavailability-message wasn’t about the DPF but DSC, so if anybody knows about this situation, I’ll be all ears!

Thank you!

Bard Thomas

Hi all,

The situation has been rectified. After thoroughly cleaning the GROUND attachment on the transmission bell-housing, I was able to clear ALL the 15-16 fault messages showing on my ODB-II scanner.

Kind regards,
Bard Thomas

Good to hear that the problem has been resolved, I took the liberty to correct the heading in case somebody is looking for a DPF result :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s alright! Thanks Robin!