XF; 2.7l diesel saloon Boot release intermittent

My daughter’s 2009 Jaguar XF Saloon has a few niggles, one of which is a recently developed problem with the boot release, and thus locking of the car.

The problem is somewhat intermittent, in that a couple of times (particularly after I’ve “fiddled” with it, like when I managed to open the boot with the physical key, and today after I had examined the pushbutton - which works) but only once and then back to a non-functioning state.

Of course, as a consequence, the car cannot be locked, as it reports on the display that the boot is open even if it is thoroughly shut.

Has anybody else experienced this? All insight will be appreciated!

Kind regards,
Bard Thomas

I have no experience with an xf but symptoms like that on any car warrant a careful exam of the trunk lock wiring for breaks where it flexes as the trunk is opened or shut.

Hi Geoff,
That is actually an excellent idea. I’ve had issues with this on other cars…



Geoff is correct. You should definitely take a look at the trunk wiring harness. They are notorious for breaking on these cars. If one wire is broken, the others are likely close behind.

Hi Brett,
Yeah, the more I think about it, it makes sense. You know, it’s easy to overthink these new cars, accusing the electronics of everything.


So, after checking the microswitch on the boot lock, I worked my way along the wiring and by popping the harness that passes through to the boot out and getting it on the bench for measuring, I found the culprit; two wires had broken squarely off, and two with broken insulation. Repaired and reinforced before putting it back into the car and hey, presto! It’s working!
Today, the car also passed the Periodic Vehicle Test with zero issues! Happy days!


Perfect. Thank you for reporting the solution for future readers. Many don’t unfortunately.

Of course I do! BTW; Go Truckers!!

Glad to hear you got it repaired. Its not a matter of if that wiring harness will break, but when. If your car has a backup camera, make sure you reinforce that wire well as that is the only one that cannot be repaired if broken.