XF multiple code issues

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I have a 2010 XF Premium, 80k miles. It started throwing codes a month or so ago, but sometimes the check engine light will go out for a 30-50 miles and then comes back on. When running the codes, it throws 21 codes. These images show most of them.

I don’t believe this to be accurate, especially since the light goes off occasionally. The car does need a tune up for sure. I can tell it probably has one misfire but it drives and runs normally for the most part.


Thanks guys!


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Just curious…how old is your battery? My 09 gets a bit flaky when the battery gets low.

Good luck…I’ve never encountered any check engine light yet.

Sorry im not much help



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welcome Willie. Which engine is in your car?

I haven’t experienced what you are. On my 2009 Supercharged the closest I had to flaky light was a TPMS light that would come on and go off a few times over a period of a week and then stopped. Hasn’t recurred in over a year. Recently had a P0128 code which turned out to be the thermostat partially stuck open.

In researching for your issue, it appears to me that the Crankshaft Position Sensor may be the first place to look. I know on other cars, such as my XJS, sometimes there is road film or “oil” that causes wonky readings — guidance is to pull out the sensor and wipe it clean and visually inspect and reinstall… Or sometimes the sensor or wires are going bad. It is a key signal input to the ECM. And there is Misfire Monitor within the ECM - - hope the ECM isn’t getting an issue.

Don’t know if this helps much but you can download manuals for a small fee at https://jaguar.manuals.cc. They accept PayPal

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I haven’t any experience with this issue either, but like Gary said, you may want to check your battery. I’ve heard countless times that they can cause issues like yours if they are even starting to go out. The electronics on these cars can be very sensitive to such things. I’d probably look into Jim’s idea as well since it also sounds like an easy fix.