XFR Reliability information

I’m interested in a 2016 XFR with 19516 miles on it. I beleave the earlier XJR engines were built with higher strength materials to withstand the supercharge loads. Can any one tell me if the 3.0 V6 suoercharged engine is any different than the base 3.0V6. Has any one any long term relability information for the R models? I’m to checking around XJ40 models but are there any specific area’s I should watch for on this midel?

I don’t have any personal experience with the 3.0, but I don’t hear about many problems with them. If you like the car, I’d recommend going for it.

Thanks for your insight Brett. Im also looking at a 2016 XJR.

As far as Jags over the past decade are concerned, it seems like the degree to which an owner likes their car is dependent on the features they care most about. The user interface for the touch screen is bad on all the cars, but it is less bad in recent cars than it was in the earlier cars. Many features such as the upgraded headlights and other tech updates have become more commonplace. On the other hand, the horsepower and quality of interiors has gone down. Again, just depends on how much emphasis you put on each of those features.

Good luck with the search. Wish I could help you more, but being that my car is a 2010 5.0 supercharged, it doesn’t have much in common with what you’re looking at.

Well, I bought the XJ so now we have some thing in common if not in size!


Congrats! I hope you enjoy the car and have many miles of happy motoring.

Yes. Enjoy your car. I would suggest an after market warranty if you can afford one. Repairs on these higher tech cars sure get expensive in a hurry

Done it, but only lasts 5 years, what then?