XJ-C rear seatbelts

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Our coupe has no rear seatbelts and I’m thinking of fitting some. The parts catalogue shows only lap belts, yet the car (one of the last) has mounting points on the rear shelf for 3 point belts.

Anyone know what belts fit? Presumably I either need some where the inertia reel sits horizontally on the shelf, or just static belts. Our local car breakers has a Slll with the belts looking like new; I didn’t notice whether they were inertias or not, but I imagine they’d fit whatever they were.



I would imagine they would bolt right on, and they are definitely inertias.


I fitted three lap belts, I used NOS XJS belts. (Inertia type) The upper rear mounting points are on all Series 2 XJ’s, ours was built in January 1975 and it has those as well, but I used them for mounting the “satellite” Blaupunkt rear speakers. :slight_smile:

On the 2-door cars the plastic side pockets are a bit tricky to get the inertia belt to roll well.



that was the first project I took on to make my SII car family friendly. All XJ sedans from SI on boasted mounting points for three rear belts, two three-point outside, one lap belt central. I’d be fairly sure that the coupé likewise allows for the third belt (mounting points easy to spot underneath the seat bench).

Original SII belts I’ve seen had different covers for the belt reels and different latches from SIII cars. As the mounting position is identical you may resort to SIII belts like I did - just be sure to get the entire set. Drop in fit and perfect function!

SIII ideally allows you to get belts that are “only” 30 years old. Honestly, as a part of the rear outer belt always lies over the top edge of the rear seat squab (and we all know that the leather is typically burnt in this area always exposed to UV radiation and heat) I’d very carefully check the state of the belts you get. With some sense and judgment you should be able to decide whether to use them or better not. Even on Jaguar sedans the rear belts most times have been used very seldom. Check the edges of the belt for signs of wear and - in rolled up state - check whether the part running over the seat is in any form harder or stiffer than the rest of the belt. If so, better let go …

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75 XJ6L 4.2 auto (UK spec)

Many thanks, everyone. I’ll look again at that Slll and hopefully get the belts. So where are the reels situated on the rear belts, are they on the top mounting points on the shelf? Having owned a Slll for about 12 years I should know that, of course !

Yep. They lie horizontally and the mounting bolts are already propping the threads.

As for the latches you better bring also the original bolts from the donor car. I can’t remember what is in the lower threads. For the outer mounting that go into the wheel well a third and a fourth hand as well as a second set of eyes come in handy … dead easy, but awkward to do alone.

Good luck


75 XJ6l 4.2 auto (UK spec)

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