[xj] Clunk-transmission? and idle adjustment

I’ve been reading about people that hear a clunk when coming to a stop. I
once or twice had a clunk. The first time was when I (45,000 miles ago when I
was new owner and didn’t know better) adjusted the kick-down cable. After a
while I realized the clunk came after the initial adjustment of the cable; re-
adjusted the cable and the clunk went away. The second time was after my car
returned from the shop getting a new flexplate. The trans shop didn’t know
what they were doing and did not correctly adjust the kick-down cable. Will
this work for you guys that are having the clunk? Don’t know but it is
something to think about. After all, it was my clunk and you have your clunk
and not all clunks are created equal.

Another point…If you are checking out a new mechanic, for your car, ask
them how they adjust the idle. If they tell you they adjust the butterfly to
adjust the idle, well just say goodbye. I’m amazed at the amount of mechanics
that don’t know that this car has an idle adjustment screw (hex). Something
so simple, how would they know the difficult things. I only know about my 85
EFI car and I guess earlier models without EFI are different.

85 XJ6