[xj] Correction - Use of Doeskin in US cars

In our recent posting we mentioned that Doeskin is used in the vast majority
of Series III XJ6 models up to 1986. This would have made absolute sense
had, in our haste, we would not have left out the Vanden Plas reference from
this statement.

Of course, all US Series III XJ6 Vanden Plas models from their introduction
in 1982, up until the end of 1985 model year, featured Doeskin leather with
Rattan carpeting. In 1986, Jaguar introduced Magnolia leather in a few VDP
models, and the number of Magnolia cars seems to have increased for the 1987
model year. However, we can only judge the actual number in each color by
the number of requests we get for replacement seat covers… From this
rather crude methodology, I’d still say that Doeskin would be the color used
on at least 75% of VDP USA XJ6 models over 1986-87.

We’re indebted to Gregory for bringing this oversight to our attention!

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