[xj] DUM DUM or dumber

“DOUGLAS DWYER” <@Doug_Dwyer>

Hi everyone,
Ok, here’s the info I promised regarding this stuff. As I mentioned
previously it’s merely strip caulking. In our shop we use 3M brand, stock
number 08578 (black). It’s also available in white. I’ve used this for years
for plugging holes, light duty sealing, “backing up” weather-strips for
better fit, sealing electrical cavities–you name it. And, of course, most
recently for shimming up the warped rear bumper cover. Any good automotive
paint supply store should have it or be able to get it, as should any outfit
which distributes 3M products (all very high quality, IMHO)

Happy dum-dumming !
Doug Dwyer
Longview, Washington USA===================================================
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