[xj] Electric Auxiliary Cooling Fan

Rick Ashworth writes:

. . . then the only thing I won't have checked is the sensor itself. If

the temperature ever reaches 94deg C and the fan doesn’t
come on, it’ll be the sensor."-------------------------------------------------------------------------

Ah, how I remember well all this last summer!

Seriously, with all the logistics of testing, draining radiator, stovetop
laboratory, let me reiterate my chucking it all: leaving the original
temp sensor in the radiator (after rodding), and wiring in an
inexpensive, adjustable thermo control with sensor, about $16 at Pep
Boy’s or Checker, as I recall. It is mounted right behind the right
headlight and its probe sits behind the radiator just below the hose to
the thermostat housing (I tried mounting it inside the hose itself but
couldn’t get it to tighten up enough not to leak).

Now anytime I get curious, I just run the control (screwdriver required,
or mount a small radio knob on the shaft [which I did]) towards the min.
temp end (about 32f, believe it or not) and the fan cranks up, sounding
just as Rick suggested: an old Pratt & Whitney in an AT-6 Texan (Harvard,
if you prefer).

Cruising on the “fanfare” – sorry, just slipped out – I saw at Auto
Britannia Parts (PHX) the other day a new OEM XJ6 fan, with blades maybe
a inch or so longer than the original. I’m told it must be used with the
OEM fan clutch, but $125 (local quote) beats hell out of $225, and more
air via longer blades is self-evident.

'86 SIII (US) @81K in PHX
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