[xj] headliner installation


I substantially completed installation of the headliner today.

I had forgotten how hard it is the maneuver the liner because it’s larger
than the opening it goes through. It only works because you can move it
around in place.

I removed the rear window because I also wanted to fix a water leak and
because it’s much easier to maneuver the headliner with the window out. I
also have the seats out of the car.

I moved the panel into place and pushed it just under the “ear” that
protrudes from the front passenger side and under the passenger side front
to back lip. I pushed the panel up on the driver side and wedged it against
the roof panel but not in place. Since I was working alone, I used two
metal lumber supports (used to hold up lumber when cutting a long board on a
table saw) to hold the rear of the panel close to the roof. The supports
can be raised and lowered. I then pushed a broom handle between the liner
and roof on the passenger side which caused the fiberglass to “bow” downward
and allowed me to push the driver’s side edge under the front to back lip.

I removed the broom handle and the glass popped back into place. I moved
the liner forward using a pair of “pushers” made for cutting wood on a table
saw. These are heavy plastic handles with a flat surface covered with
rubber. They are used to push lumber through a sawtable, joiner, shaper and
other. The rubber grips the fabric quit well and gives good control.

I also remembered (I’ve done this job twice before) that a 1" wide plastic,
flexible putty knife helps guide the fabric under the “lips” without
damaging it.

It took about 90 minutes but the liner is almost into place. I ran out of
time and should finish next week.

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