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Subject: RE: [xj-s] Shop Manuals

Do you have any contact details for this please?


Lots of folks have asked me about this, so here’s a generic reply.

I thought that something like this would be easy to find out about, right?
Well it’s not so easy. JDHT (Jaguar Daimer Heritage Trust) is part of
Jaguar, and linked from the uk Jaguar main site under the “heritage” button.
Hah! They update this site once in a blue moon. So when they make
remanufactured classic parts available they don’t seem to appear there for
ages. The search engine is lousy too. Too much emphasis on appearance and
use of flash, but not enough on useability.

There is nothing on the US Jaguar site at all about JDHT.

You buy these products (all made in the main Jag factory) from a small
number of appointed UK dealers and specialists - JDHT have only appointed 10
of these. The best one to go for IMHO is Martin Robey Ltd on (+44) 2476
386903. They export too, so no problem there (One of their quoted phone
numbers is (+44) 7000 ROBEY SALES so it could be worth trying that from the
US). Don’t bother looking at their website at
http://www.martinrobey.co.uk - it is pretty useless and also doesn’t mention
JDHT parts.

The CD ROM for the XJ-S seems to be Jaguar P/N JHM1114 (check first

As well as a ROM on a real CD ROM for the xj-s there are all sorts of
goodies that are being remanufactured, like new sets of wood veneer for the
SI and SII saloons (from �175!!!), and set of new overmats for short and
long wheelbase, left and right hand drive cars. In fact, while I was typing
this, my set of new mats arrived, Jaguar part number JHP1124 - �45 plus tax,
four days from order to delivery from Robey!

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