[xj] oil filter and exhaust

First, regarding the quality of the original equipment Jaguar exhaust
system: both my 82 and my 84 S3 4.2 cars have their original exhaust
systems, in excellent condition: no corrosion on the boxes, and dated 12/81
and 7/84 respectively. They look good for another 10 years at least. Not
many cars can claim that. Both have had small holes drilled in the lowermost
portion of the muffler and resonator boxes to allow condensation to drip
out. There is no effect at all on the noise level. This is an especially
useful thing to do if your car is used for short trips.
Oil filters: for those who change their own oil: the Bosch filter, part

72147 is my filter of choice. It costs less than HALF the price of a Fram

filter. It is a perfect fit and the same size as the original Jaguar filter.
I believe it also fits the 5.3.