[xj] Re: [Lumps!] Thanks Doug!

“DOUGLAS DWYER” <@Doug_Dwyer>

Many thanks for the compliments. I enjoy the list tremendously and am glad
to be a part of it. Besides the information shared I find it very
entertaining and it provides quite a few chuckles along the way.

Actually, I have an 87 XJ6 SerIII …as soon as I get this damned scanner
squared away I will post some pics.
I believe it was the XJ40 models which were notorious for door handle
failures…mine work just fine and, speaking of doors, one of the things I
like about the Jag is the way the can be just gently slid home without
slamming. As we all know, it’s the little details which add some more to the
enjoyment of these cars. Ever notice the really nicely done chrome trim
inside the window frames ?

Many consider the 86-87 models to be best of the line so if you can snap up
one for $4000 in good condition I would suggest you do so. I predict that
the XJ6 cars will pick up where the Mark2’s have left off and will start
appreciating—they’ve begun already, I think.

Best Regards,

Doug Dwyer
Longview, Washington USA

PS Many years ago I worked at Kirby Oldsmobile down there in Ventura. I am
hoping they still exist as it was a very good dealership.----- Original Message -----
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Subject: [Lumps!] Thanks Doug!

Hi Doug,
I really enjoy reading your postings to the various lists. Like the one
presently discussing. What I like most is rather than just take it for
granted that all the Listees are as knowledgable as you , which is
a great deal, you take the time to explain what you mean, like I should
a “Dielectric lubricant” and you also include the “less is best” -or…“a
little dab will do yah!” Keeping your obvious sense of wit and applying it
your interesting entrys. We’ve got quite enough “sourpusses” so your
and witty repartee’ is a welcome change, Oh, by the way did I hear you say
you have an 1986 XJ-6 (Ser. III)? I have been looking at an 1987 XJ-6
miles) And I would like to know if the “Pull Up” type of door handles are
weak as people say they are? Both my other Jags have the stationary “push
button” older style that were done away with for “safety (?)” reasons.
They’ve lasted far longer, though! Anyway I can pick up the '87 (one small
cigarette burn on the rt. rear passenger. cushion) for $4,000 , then I
have a 6 to show and an 8 to go! Plus my elderly 1957 3.4 (MK.I) that
unleaded gas, (gives it a case of the hiccups!) even when I add
again thanks and I hope to see your entries often! Cheers! Albert
“CCBCC of Ventura, Cal.”

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