Louis: Drilling a hole in the muffler at the lowest (end) point: well, how
can you judge if it is working well? I occasionally will get a drip of
condensation on the garage floor under the hole, so it IS draining the
condensate away; it does NOT increase the noise level, and I guess the final
proff that it works is that all three of my xj cars have their original
mufflers, the oldest set dated 12/81. That makes those mufflers close to19
years old. They are in perfect condition. Now, road conditions, salt in the
atmosphere, ambient temperatures, all of these things can affect muffler
life, but I would say that a drain hole will definitely help extend the life
particularly if the car is used on short runs.-----Original Message-----
From: Louis Galper lgalper1@home.com
To: @Gregory_Andrachuk <@Gregory_Andrachuk>
Date: Friday, February 25, 2000 8:58 AM

I remember you saying that you have drilled a small hole in the front
of the mufflers for condensation draining.
Does that work pretty good for you?

Lou Galper
San Diego