[xj] Rear hub grease fitting

Rick Ainsworth wrote:
I hate to resurrect something that has recently been dealt with, but
reference to the recent postings about greasing rear hub carriers…In
Jaguar World Vol 10 number 7. (which has just hit the shelves here) on
113 (picture 25)…There is a very clear picture of the hub carrier on
XJS. The caption reads “A jubilee clip holds the end of the cover to
shaft and is tightened when the grease nipple is in line with the grease
hole. A cover is fitted over the hole.” It clearly shows a nipple inside

the hub carrier.
Rick; this grease fitting (USA= Zerk fitting) is the Half Shaft
Outer U Joint w/ its Bell shaped sheet metal cover, which resides within
the inboard side of the Hub Bearing Carrier. This is the Half Shaft,
not the Hub Bearing Carrier. The Hub Bearing Carrier grease inlet is on
the top of the aluminum casting, looks like a round slug, made of same
aluminum as bearing carrier.

Now that hub carrier looks just like the one on the Series
III car…or am I mistaken?
Rick, the List notes that most xj-6 and xj-s Independent Rear
Suspensions are Identical; Anyone know the “cuttoff” years or changes
(ABS Brakes, Series I, II, III all the same)?

Anyway, they’re opting for fitting a nipple
for greasing…
My mechanic told me that was his SOP, (and accordingly
charged me for grease nipples!) but also said that most people, if they
greased there at all, didn’t bother. I can feel controversy coming on!
Some people remove the nipples and fit blanking plugs (readily
available anywhere) after performing this Absolutely Required annual
I’m replacing this outer u joint because I let it run dry… It is
NOT FUN. Car is off the road 2 weeks now, backing out the axle was a
PITA and it’s not over yet… The bearings require a press and TWO
micromometers, as well as shims only available from the Queen herself…

To All Who Read This:  Go out NOW, TODAY and lube the following:
Both halfshafts, inner and outer u joints (Under these bell shaped

covers, 4 points)
Propeller shaft u joints @ diff and @ end of trans. (2 points)
Both hub bearing carriers @ big plug on top of carrier casting (2
Both hub bearing carriers @ fitting on bottom of carrier casting
(fulcrum shaft) (2 points)
Both Inner Fulcrum Pivots @ inboard end of fulcrum shafts, access
through holes in diff. cage (4 points)
Anything I left out? Do It Today! mike 85 xj-s HE

I’m not sure if this horse has been beaten to death yet; sorry if this is a
Starting from the differential, and working outwards:

First, you get the inner wishbone bearings. The grease points are two grease
nipples on each side, accessed through holes about 1" diameter in the rear
subframe tie plate. These bearings have simple seals, and overgreasing will
displace and damage them. According to the book, you need no more than
one stroke of the grease gun on each nipple. 4 nipples in total.

Second, the universal joints on the drive shafts, one each end on each side,
hidden behind the sheet metal covers. According to the book, you can
get at them by removing the grommets in the covers; I find it easier to loosen
the hose clamps restraining the covers, and waggle them out of the way.
I find I have to rotate the half shafts to find a suitable angle to get the
gun in. It’s grease nipples again, one per joint. The books says there are
no seals to damage, so grease well (something like 5-10 strokes of the gun),
clean up afterwards. 4 nipples in total.

Next, the hub grease point. This is through the hole near the top of the
aluminium hub carrier. The hole’s about 1/2" diameter, and should have
a metal plug in it. Clean off very carefully before removing the plug, as dirt
will drop in and ruin the bearings in time. You fill the hub, but without
pressurising it. I just pump a grease gun until it grease starts coming
back out the hole. 2 holes in total.

Last, the lower wishbone bearings. This is a grease nipple under bottom
of the aluminium hub housing, centered between the wishbone ends.
You need to ensure the exit hole is clear. That’s behind the aluminium
mounding that contains the wishbone shaft; it’s well-nigh impossible to
see, as it’s in the middle at the back, in line with the main wishbone
shaft back to the differential. If you scrape the area clean, and keep a
mirror and lamp lined up, you can see when grease starts to come out
as you pump into the nipple. 2 nipples in total.

Paul Gover.