[xj] S-1 Adjustable Jets, Zenith Stromberg Carb


I’ve always assumed that my carburetors do not have adjustable jets.
But then, I’ve never had a Z-S carburetor WITH adjustable jets.

So, what does an adjustable jet look like?? How is it adjusted?

This carb has a brass plug with a large screwdriver slot in the
bottom end. It threads around another, smaller cylinder (the threads
are inside the plug with the upper end open and the bottom end
closed). The plug is about 2" long and has holes drilled into the
circumference. There’s an “O” ring near the bottom end of he plug
that prevents gas from leaking out between the plug and the float
chamber housing. The plug makes contact with the other, smaller
brass cylinder, also threaded but on the outside. I believe the
bottom end of this cylinder is serrated. There is a lot of thread on
the upper cylinder and I’ve always threaded the plug fully on the
upper cylinder, bottoming it out.

If we need pictures, I can take them this weekend.

I do have the Hayes Z-S book and it shows a device similar to what I
descrile except the both brass cylinders are removable from the
caruberetor and come out as one. Maybe if I pull on the brass plug,
the upper cylinder will come out also???

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