[xj-s] 1991 XJ-S V12 Conv. Classic

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My classic has the gold badge and pinstripes
but not the contrasting piping on the seatsFrom: Charles Maraia maraia@att.net
Sent: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 15:30:27 -0500
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Just a couple of questions about the ‘Classic’

I have 3 questions -

  1. How many XJ-S V12 Conv. were made with
    the ‘Classic’ Edition.
  2. What makes the car a ‘Classic’ Edition
    (i.e. the chrome trims etc.)
  3. What were the years that the ‘Classic’ was

'91 XJ-S V12 Conv. ‘Classic’

1.I’m not sure of the production run for the
Classic, but there were 4,649
cars produced for the MY91

2.Contrasting piping on seats, gold Growler,
rear badge, pinstripes…?

3.The Classic Edition was only made in 1991 for
both the Coupe and

88 V12
91 V12 Classic

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