[xj-s] '94 XJS V12 - Growler air intakes: Aussie wants air warmer?

At 12:29 PM 1/06/2008, you wrote:>The 6.0 V12 with AJ6 Engineering’s Plus Torque upper end has the filter box size increased and the filter specially placed for optimum air flow. So why would one wish to defeat the cold air induction system regardless of where the cops hang out? Here in the US, we all use radar detectors and have become quite adept in defeating cops. laying in wait. Based on Mr. Dowling’s listed inventory, I don’t see why he is commenting on 6.0 engine design/efficiency?

'94 6.0 V-12 XJS Convertible with AJ6 Plus Torque Top and Bottom End Screamer!

Now then Charlie, put that Bourbon away.

You like cold, for performance, and you got it.
I never said it was wrong or forbidden.

I prefer warm, for economy, and I got that.

You are happy, I am satisfied.

Never underestimate the bureaucratic mind.
It is illegal to fit a radar detecting device in a vehicle in Australia.
You can buy them, but they are not advertised.

It may be illegal to advertise them in Australia, but not to actually
sell one to a person who requests it ( makes sense to a bureaucrat ! ).
No doubt you could buy them from the U.S.A. and many places over the internet.

If they are a banned item likely to be impounded by customs, you make
sure they are described as something innocuous, such as therapeutic
electronic medical device.

If you get caught with a detector you get an extra fine on top of your
speeding fine.
The chances of being caught are probably very slim.
There may be a detector in my future, statistically if you can avoid 3
out of 4 radar trap fines it may pay for the detector plus the odd
chance of being fined for having a detector.

Well, so far I only average one fine every 3 or 4 years, not an
indication of excessive speeding.

Richard Dowling, Melbourne, Australia.
1979 XJ-S V12 coupe, 1988 XJ-S V12 convertible, 1985 XJ6.

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