[xj-s] Added Noise Following Conversion to GM 4L60 (700R4) Transmission?

XJ-S Lovers:

I have been off the list for some time, but have had time recently to
spruce up the V-12 a bit and buy an '96 XJ6. The latter is an excellent car
(much improved over my SIIIs) and much quicker than my S up to all speeds
at which I care to drive, and especially so off the line. All this is no
surprise. Because of the allure of quicker starts and quieter highway
driving, I have given some thought to the 4L60 conversion (I have no
interest in a conversion to a manual transmission). However, I have one
concern. Several years ago I converted my '83 SIII from the B-W to a T350
using a kit from a highly reliable vendor (the kit was excellent). While
the end result was generally satisfactory, there is one problem. The Jaguar
sprung rear mount was discarded in favor of a simple rubber-block mount.
This, combined with the noisier first gear of the T-350, causes noticeably
more engine noise in the car until third gear is reached. For those who
have adopted the 4L60 conversion, have you noticed a similar effect with
your S? To me, the quiet of the S is as important as the supple V-12.


Dan Jensen
San Diego, CA
''83 XJ6 105K
'84 XJS 150k
'96XJ6 50K
'81 XJ6 (with the kids) 150K