[xj-s] Bank B Injectors feeded in electricity when ignition is off

Good afternoon,
this problem is on a 1986 XJ-S.
for the injectors, we have 2 connectors, one on the A (right) side,
one on the B side. right ?
when the ignition is on I have the A connectors feeded with 12V,
that is just normal.
the B connector doesn’t receive anything.

If I turn the ignition off, the B connector gets his 12V.

The odd thing is I can hear the injectors clicking on the B side
att all : that when the engine is running or when it is off.

The end result is I have totally no injection on the B bank.

Does anyone have an idea?

It is not the injector harness since the problem seems to be before
your help will be appreciated.
nicolas (france)–
1986 5.3 XJ-S
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