[xj-s] Entire instrument panel & trip computer went out

Yesterday I was messing around in the fuse box. I was fixing my
cigarrette lighter (in the old one the metal pieces connected
causing the cigarrette lighter to always be on, which blew the
fuse). So I got a new lighter and then changed the fuse, and the
cigarette lighter was working fine.

I then decided to take out all the fuses to see if they had blown
and replaced the ones that did.

Then when I turned on the car, it started fine and ran fine, except
now all the instrument guages (speedometer, odometer(!), oil, temp,
battery, RPMs) don’t work, and the trip computer does not come on
either. Also, the air conditioning/heating fan doesn’t come on.
Most interestingly, the odometer does not turn! I drove 20 miles
without it moving at all.

I’m pretty sure it’s something with the fuses (see the thread I
started just before this) but I took the instrument panel fuse out
and it was fine. Does anyone have any thoughts?

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In reply to a message from AG555 sent Mon 20 Jul 2009:

Solved. The fuse was in place & good, but the connection was
corroded or something because it wasn’t transmitting current. I
moved the fuse around a bit and now it’s working.–
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