[xj-s] Lock up your Beast the "Pulsing Idle" is Contagious!

This is getting weirder and weirder. I finished rigging my
throttles and cleaning them up and checked the line going back to
the ECU and fired the ole 89 up and High idle that finally settled
down and low and behold still pulsing. I got the in fared temp gun
out and started checking temps and I was getting some outrageous
readings in spots. right rear where the vacuum sensors mount was
245f. There were a couple others off the chart. So since I have 2
of these beasts I fired the other one up and let it idle to warm
up. As advertised the idle went up to 1200 rpm them settled back
down to 750 rpm and I started taking temps and found some of the
same out of the park temps but the water tubes both were 185f to
190f so I guess it’s the surface makes a difference when you use
one of those things. But wait! Now the 90 model Marrelli is
pulsing! Now was it always like that or did it just start? Now this
is a slight variation of 25 to 50 rpm. when it’s in gear it’s
hardly noticeable but if you watch the tach and it’s quiet you can
hear and see it. Am I the only one that this is happening to? I
can’t believe both cars are doing it. I would like to ask everyone
to report what they see on their cars. Remember you have to look at
the tach and take a second to really check it. At this point I am
prepared to live with it. I think the reason this was brought to my
attention on the 89 was because I have a compressor that is really
howling and it really makes it sound worse than it is. (head
scratch) What think you?–
1989 XJS Conv 5.3 HE,Lucas - 1990 XJS 5.3 HE,Marelli
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