[xj-s] relocating ABS ball

Consider my car fixed and operational.
Moving on to ABS now.

Can somebody give me any ideas on relocating the ABS ball (accumulator) to somewhere cooler nearby? I seriously believe it is affected by heat.
Else, I will be forced to yank the whole system out and put conventional brakes instead.
It does not necessarily need to be the accumulator the one relocated. I could relocate the entire assemby somewhere cooler. I think there is only one small oil line to the entire assembly which may allow for easy relocation for the entire system. I would like to listen to thoughts about this.

On the other hand, if the ABS is fixed after renewing the ball, then it will be fine the way it is right now as long as the problem does not come back again in a coupla 1,000 miles.

How can i read the ABS computer codes? I am going to work on the ABS myself, so, after reading the fault codes, how do I depressurize the system please and open it up?

Thanks guys.

90 xjs.