[xj-s] Transmission Mount Removal/Assembly, V-12, 1990 {Scanned}

I removed and replaced the transmission mount in my wife’s 1990 XJ-S
convertible today with the help of George Balthrop’s email below.

I used his procedure except that I have a transmission jack which I used to
support the transmission and engine while I was removing and replacing the
mount. I didn’t have to remove the exhaust pipes. It was a bit tricky
getting to the 1/2 bolts, but I was able to loosen and tighten them very

I just came back from a drive where I purposely drove over some dips in the
road where I had recently heard a solid “clunk”. The “clunk” is gone. As
most of you who have done this know, the rubber spool was so deteriorated
that it crumbled in my hands.

I also removed and replace a leaky heater control valve and the two hoses at
the back of the air rail because they were cracked. All in all it was a
good weekend’s worth of work that I needed to get to and finally did.

I couldn’t find any information about the transmission mount removal and
replacement in any of my shop manuals, so the email from George was very
helpful. The Jag-Lovers listers have been instrumental in keeping my
Jaguars running their best and for reducing the amount of time each of my
cars are down for maintenance and servicing. I’m very thankful that I found
Jag-Lovers about 6 years ago.


Paul M. Novak

1990 XJ-S Classic Collection convertible
1984 XJ6 Vanden Plas
1969 E-Type Fixed Head Coupe
1957 MK VIII Saloon
1985 XJ6 Vanden Plas (parts)
Ramona, CA
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The following is a step-by-step procedure I used recently to remove and
rebuild the transmission mount on my 89 V-12:

Car on ramps, front & rear (jacked rear after front on ramps)
Remove Intermediate Exhaust Pipes & front silencers; this MAY NOT be
necessary on your car to access front spring pan bolts
Remove 3/4" nut from spring retaining pin
Remove two 9/16" bolts & nuts holding lower strap of collision plate
No washer under bolt head; spacer between plate & strap; lockwasher &
nut below strap
Collect (from bottom to top on retaining pin):
Nut; Strap; Double/dished Washer; Spacer; Rounded-edged washer
Place block of wood on jack under rear of oil sump to support engine, or
fabricate engine support as shown in Service Manual
Remove Mounting Plate; two 1/2" bolts @ front & two 9/16" bolts with
spacers at rear

Remove two 17mm bolts holding spring retaining pin to trans extens.;
washers between pin & extens.
Remove two 9/16" bolts (horizontal axis) holding collision plate to trans
Remove two 1/2" nuts lock washers & washers on studs @ rear of trans pan &
remove collision plate

ASSEMBLY OF TRANSMISSION MOUNT (after installing spring pin & collision
Rubber spring cup above spring, and another rubber spring cup below spring
on mounting plate
Rubber spool in hole of mounting plate; Rubber parts & spring may need
Spring should measure 3-3/4" height, uncompressed; Red dot spring has .30"
wire dia; violet was .275" wire dia
Remove center cup from 3-ton jack so spring retaining pin can fit through
Place mounting plate on jack and raise jack to compress spring with pin
through jack hole
Insert rear mount 9/16" bolts with spacers and tighten less one turn
Reposition jack so that it supports mounting plate forward of pin, and
insert front 1/2" bolts
Lower front jack beneath oil sump so mounting plate carries engine/trans
Install rounded-edge washer, spacer, double washer, strap & nut on spring
retaining pin
Use drifts or screwdrivers to push rounded-edge washer into spool
Tighten 4 bolts holding Mounting Plate to body.

George Balthrop, Clifton, VA USA
85 & 89 XJ-S Coupes; 89 XJ40 VDP

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