[xj] S3 fog lamp switch

North American Series III and I believe, Series II drivers who want to install
driving or fog lamps in the front, have a much easier time of it. It should
be noted that Canadian and US market cars do NOT have rear fog guards, and
thus have a much simpler switch. OFF, PARKING (SIDE, FRONT AND REAR), and HEADL
AMPS. The fourth positon, marked FOG is inhibited. That is, unless the switch
is modified, this position cannot be used. Fitting fog or driving lamps
on a Series III car is simplicity itself, almost. The car is already wired
for them and the wires are the red/yellow wires found at either side of the
hood by the hinge. On one side there is a double wire and connector, so
in fact three lamps can be fitted. The position for the lamps is just
beside the piston for the energy absorbing bumper. A hole must be drilled
through the aluminium support bar. There is only limited room for this hole
and it must be drilled far enough from the piston sleeve to allow clearance for
the nut that fits on the mounting bolt of the lamp.By the way, the “correct”
lamps is the Original equipment CIBIE unit. It looks much better on the car
than aftermarket types such as the Bosch Pilot. I have two Series III cars
and have fitted the CIBIE units on one car and the BOSCH on the other. The
CIBIE unit (available now from Paul Phillips at Paul-s Discount Jaguar
Parts) simply plugsinto the existing wires. That-s it! They are grounded throug
h the mounting bolt. Aftermarket lights like the Bosch must have a bullet
connector soldered on or have the existing harness end modified to accept
spade connectors or other connector, and they must be grounded. The ground
wire is easily attached to a small ground point on either side of the
radiator surround, already being used, so it is obvious. The master lighting
switch is a snap to enable. Just remove the bezel (no need to remove either
the switch itself or the knob). If you look carefully you will see a small
C clip at the base of the shaft. Pop it off, and PRESTo! the switch will
now depress to FOG position. So much easier that the directions given in
the HAYNES manual, which refer to the Australian/European switch. Now, for
the added touch. All Jaguars come equipped for everything. That means, not only

is the wiring harness for the fog lamps in place, but the wiring and bulb
for the rear fog guard warning lamps (top right hand lamp of the warning
cluster) is already in place. This lamp is wired for the rear fog guards and
thus is unused on Canadian and US cars, BUT with a 5 minute modification, it
can be made to illuminate whenever the FOG positon is used on the lighting
switch. That means that you will always know if you have turned on the driving
lamps istead of headlamps! Here is what you do: Remove the main fuse box
cover. Fuse 1 is for the front fog lamps. Fuse 9 (I am doing this from memory,
so it is best to check the owner-s manual) is unused in North American cars, si
nce this is exclusively for the rear fog guards. All you have to do is make
a “bridge” between these two positions. I used a short length of wire with
a “fuse cradle” at each end, and fitted the cradle into the existing
cradles (just the bottom terminal). I also cut a small indentation in the
cover of the fuse box to allow the wire to exit without affecting the
placement of thr cover. I have done this on both cars, and it works

                  Gregory Andrachuk
                  Victoria, Canada
                   82 xj6
                   84 xj6 Sovereign