[xj] Scored some EAC 4403's! at the breaker yard

Uhg! What a job! Getting the wiring harness and the fuel rail with
injectors out [all in one assy] was tedious enough! But when the
insulators did not come out with the injectors, I knew I was in for
it. I squirted them with CRC-556 and let them soak awhile.

The first one - I destroy immediately with pliers. Ahem. The second
one and so forth mandated a lot more patience - using the SW-10
Swinger / swing hook to very gingerly pry all around, slowly
loosening them from the intake manifold. I only broke 1 other one.
So I have 4. It was 32F when I got there and I had hoped with that
coldness - everything would just fall out. NOT. The wiring harness
was in near mint condition. No cracks at all, but sooo very Brittle
from the cold that I had to be extremely careful.
And I even found the Jaguar Green tri-fold cover for all my books.
Which I guess my DPO threw away…And the car even had a Jaguar
labeled coil (Ducelier) which I had to have. $53 US for the lot.

I am feeling pretty lucky right now and might go back for the head
tomorrow if it warms up! He told me I could have it for $40.
Someone spent lots of money [at the dealership] on that car based
on the receipts scattered inside the cabin… A rare find.–
Ted Macklin/'85 XJ6SIII
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