Xj series 2 she wont start

hey guys looking for help as im at abit of a lose now im going to double check the ignition timing tomorrow but can someone upload a video of a strip down if their aed unit and I changed my coil to a modern one to match my electric points but I checked today and the coil lead is giving off an orange spark sound it be doing that or does it matter what spark I get to the dizzy

Should be a strong blue spark that will bridge a gap of about 1/2” (12mm for millenials)

So what would cause me to be getting an orange spark

One possible reason for a weak orange spark is a bad coil.


Well it’s a brand new coil so would the balist resistor cause it to do that or what else could do that

If you are running a separate ballast resistor (about 3 ohms, from memory) you need to make sure that your coil is unballasted, doubling up on ballast (external and internal with a ballasted coil) will limited primary current and produce a weak spark. Maybe check this with a multimeter?

You can run a switched lead from the battery + to coil + to start a new installation

do you have points…(are they set right) or electronic distributor ?

dont know much about the AED, except they can be troublesome

vehicle should at least give signs of combustion if their is spark and fuel
(unless its flooding)…one AED I have has a lawn mower fuel tap attached !

check whether plugs wet or dry after cranking

Well ill check that lead wise but plugs are dry like fuel isn’t getting pulled through but would the aed diaphragm not working cause it to not pull any fuel through at all and the over flow on the aed I left it disconnected but no fuel came out of there should there have been

I would test spark with a tester, a $5 tool, or at least a plug earthed on the block
a weak orange spark at the plug means the car will struggle to start

once spark is assured, you can fault find the fuel system

with the HD and HS carbs, you can remove bell and piston,
look down jet and see the presence of fuel meniscus

dont know about the HIF, I would presume you could, unless others say not

if you cant see fuel in the jet, or its dribbling out, she wont start (on an HD)

In your first post, Harry - you say ‘…changed my coil to a modern one to match my electric points…’

Does that mean you have installed electronic ignition? Which indeed would require a different coil - and usually omits the external coil resistor. A coil designed for EFI may not work properly with mechanical points. The mechanical points also included a resistor unit with some unnecessary wiring with EFI installed…

If EFI is installed the specs, advance and coil type given for the kit fitted must be adhered to.

The best way of verifying ignition is to ‘dram’ each cylinder with a teaspoonfull of petrol - replace the plugs and crank. If ign is OK the engine will catch and run briefly - and you can concentrate on a fuel problem…

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

I put electronic points in and accuspark matched coil and I done the leads and the plugs

Which kit did you use for EFI, Harry…?

If it included a replacement distributor; the original ign advance setting may not be suitable. Also; the kit should describe how the wiring should be connected up, the original resistor pack is redundant - and redundant parts/wiring removed. If the kit is not fitted to spec - sparking may be impaired…

If the AED overflows, it means incorrect float level/failed needle valve. Secondly; the AED to delivers fuel only if the air hose is open. Have you checked and cleaned the hot air pickup on the exhaust manifold…?

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)

My tool box includes a clean spark plug gapped to about .035! And a ground lead clamped to the steel part. The ground lead has an alligator to assure the connection. I can test at the plug or from the coil. Crackling blue, works. Wimpy orange or yellow, not good enough

!. Check the gap between the dizzy cam and the electronic box. .

  1. Check the inside of the dizzy cap at the center button. Gone or badly worn contact?

  2. Still under the cap. Alloy or brass contacts. Clean or badly worn.

  3. yes, the coil must match the ballast need. I prefer no ballast. Wasted energy!!!

Carl .