XJ Series 3 Steering Rack

Evening folks,

I’m looking for a replacement steering rack on my ‘85 XJ6, and have heard nightmares about the remanufactured units.

Any recommendations??

Hi Gage,
The following may be of limited use to you, as the company is based in the UK, but Kiley & Clinton Engineering in Birmingham specialise in Jaguar steering systems.

They can usually send out a reconditioned rack from stock, even LHD. They also remanufacture new racks for XK 120-150.
I’ve used them myself & was very pleased.
Probably of no help, but worth mentioning.


Quality is all over the board.

Coventry West was the gold standard but they’ve shut down.

I bought a Maval rack a few years ago. So far, so good.


I don’t have one yet, but these have a good reputation:


Jeff H

I used Kiley Clinton about 5 years ago foe a complete rebuild of my Etype S3 and very happy with them .

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