XJ Series I, II III parts

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Description:Sold my 1977 XJC a while back, and have many parts from unfinished projects.
1974 front bumper assembly, Series I front turn signals, Series II and III taillights, Series II wood dash, many gauges, rocker switches, sundry electric and engine pieces.
I’m trying to clean out the garage. I can sell the items as a whole, or piecemeal… Just testing the waters to see the degree of interest. I would rather the parts go to someone who could use them than to just sit around.
I can provide a list as indicated.
Thanks for looking.

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Looking for a LH rear intermediate exhaust pipe for a 1987 XJ6…if available please advise condition and price. Thanks.

I can help you with that part from my 1987 XJ6 parts car. I sent you a PM with a picture and other info. Did you get it?

Paul Novak

An update on the parts available.
The battery box has sold.
Manuals, rocker switches, gauges, and series II taillamps likewise.
I still have many parts available.
I can provide a list for anyone interested.
Thanks for looking.

A more recent update on parts available. All parts are Series II unless specified, and include:
Electric radiator fan X2
1974 front bumper assembly
Walnut dash and glove box cover (need refinishing) with NOS walnut shifter insert
Rocker switches X8
Smith’s speedometer, tachometer, oil gauge X2, water gauge X2, voltage gauge, temp gauge, and Kuienzle clock, sold as a set
Ambes side marker lamp X3
Red side marker lamp X2
Series II tail lamp X3 (2 L, 1R)
Series III tail lamps (L&R)
Series I front turn signals (L&R) All lighting products sold as sets
Chrome inner door handle
Chrome gas cap assembly X2, with an extra “Unleaded Fuel only” plate
Chrome Series II grill center bar
Sundry small engine, wiring, and interior pieces
Collection of 6 Series II manuals, sold as a set.
I know it’s a long list. All parts are in used condition.
I can provide specifics and pictures on request.

Hi.I just started restoration process of my 1976 xj6c.still taking it apart.so far my attention got electric fan,gas caps , door handles and window switches.would you be able to ship them to Philadelphia area.my email tsivil@yahoo.com. thx

Hi, I have a '74 XJ. I see you have some interior parts. Would you have any furflex ( the fuzzy-like material
that surrounds each door, except not where the thresholds are) in the color cinnamon, or in a color that
could be dyed cinnamon successfully? How about a windshield wiper motor? (Not certain that yours
would be a direct replacement for mine). And the condition and price of the wood dash please? Thank you,
Gary Swanson

Thanks for the interest.
I don’t have any interior trim pieces or a wiper motor.

The dash is complete: dash and glove box cover, with a NOS matching walnut shifter insert.

The PO tried to put some clearcoat over the wood. It was not a very good job, and was not evenly applied.

The wood really should be stripped and refinished to get to original condition.

I have no need for the parts I have, as I have sold my XJC.

If you are interested in the dash, as a piece to be refinished, let me know.



hey gary there is some furflex on ebay in that colour

Ray, Thank you so much for alerting me. I have searched Ebay endlessly
and have never run across this UK company. I guess I need to sharpen
my search skills! Again, thank you so much!
Would you have any leads on a '74 XJ front Euro bumper (BD42126) and
the front plinth/spacer (bd45949)?
Thank you! Gary Swanson

hey gary . I don’t have any sourses for your model , I only joined this site yesterday and was just strolling through the classified adds and xj ser123 always catches my eye lol and it just so happends that I was looking for the exact thing as you were last week , so I guess it was meant to be lol. are you in the uk ? iam in Canada.

Hello Gary,
I have listed a few items on the site from time to time. I do have a ‘74 XJ front bumper assembly. It’s currently listed on eBay. Search it out under vintage parts if you are still interested.

John Walsh

Hello Gary,
Just to follow up on my post.
The front bumper assembly is for a 1974 XJ. I think it’s US, and I don’t know if that is different from the front Euro bumper. For what it’s worth, I do have other items I haven’t listed, like gauges, and assorted trim pieces and lamps. I am trying to clear out the garage.