[xj] shifts

Check the fluid level. Change the fluid. Check the pressure.

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Paul Spitzer--------------------------------------------------------------------------
From: duffy@hci.net

This is probably an old question revisited but I thought I’d pose it and
see if
anybody had a diagnosis or solution before attempting to visit the
So, thanks in advance.

The problem: Beginning about two weeks ago, when I would slow down -
turning a corner, for example, my XJ III would hesitate for some 4 to 5
(it seems) before shifting down or merely maintaining drive. Once
again, however, it pulled strongly as always. It now also occurs when
downshifting (via throttle shift down). The lag has been driving me
crazy. It
doesn’t seem that the trans is slipping, per se, because once it
re-engages, it
does pull ok.

So, a question: is anyone familiar with these symptoms? Do my ‘bands’
adjusting? (sounds like somebody going to a chiropractor for
‘adjustment’) If
so, is this a terrible job or one I might accomplish on a Saturday
(before returning to my Z-car engine rebuild)? Or will it DRIVE me
crazy? I
don’t have any local mechanics available to do this job (I still like
but do
not have great faith in the local ‘expert’ after a series of
misdiagnoses for
big bucks). Also, the transmission was ‘rebuilt’ by those folks a year
or so
ago for the PO…but as I mentioned in a posting a while ago, they
‘forgot’ or
‘neglected’ to reconnect the inhibitor switch on the trans…it now
starts in
any gear. (I haven’t fixed that yet…electing, instead, to make sure I
am in
‘park’ or ‘neutral’ to start until I can get to this problem
also…maybe I
can fix that while fixing the shifting problem!)

Any thoughts, help, condolences, requiems etc. will be very appreciated.