[xj] XJ6 SII Rear bearing replacement procedure wanted/Noise in rear ( lengthy story at end)/Hello from new list member

Hello all. I’m new to the list and am looking for a procedure to
install/adjust new rear wheel bearings in my bright yellow (colour change by
previous owner) 1975 Series 2 XJ6 4.2(now a chevy V8 also by the previous
owner) with a 700R4 GM 4 speed OD trans (put in by me! - and the best thing
for this car ever).

I have searched on jag-lovers and found a few interesting bits on this
procedure but really was looking for a wow to go description of the
replacement procedure. I understand this may be a job for the Authorised Jag
work shop.

Just for interest’s sake, Here’s some of my ramblings of recent jobs on my

of late I had a noise in the rear end. sounded like a diff to me but when
cornering (wallowing?) or swerving from left to right and back on a smooth
road, I could hear the noise come and go. Normally I’d associate this with
being a wheel bearing and the side it is worn on is the side that goes quiet
when unloaded from the swerving action taking the weight off the noisy
bearing and it shutting up.

well, the noise went away when swerving right (unloading the right side
wheel’s) so I swapped the whole hub carrier for another second hand good
condition unit but the noise remained.

So to cut a long story short, after replacing the diff output bearings on
the RHS (thought they may be quite after unloading as well) and changing the
diff oil (twice) it turned out to be the left side wheel bearing. this
collapsed not long after the noise appeared and thankfully after my holiday!
(complete with what was thought of as diff noise at the time).

So, looks like the Jag IRS cannot be diagnosed using the old tried and
tested swerve and listen method. I guess it’s something to do with the
bearings pushing on the drive shaft and it pushing on the diff to hold the
car up! who knows. No substitute for feeling/listening to the bearings i

cheers for now
New Zealand.===================================================
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